DAILYDOODLE:08.31.21 #cats #spacelord #doodle

By / August 31, 2021

Cats In Space… …lord? I hate drawing humans. So I was like, “What if the Spacelord was a cat-person?”

poppins gigglebottom von mau

DAILYDOODLE:06.29.21 #cats # monarchies #doodle

By / June 29, 2021

This is Poppins Gigglebottom von Mau… I just love the word, “gigglebottom”. Don’t ask.

DAILYDOODLE:06.25.21 #spacelord #doodle

By / June 25, 2021

Its been a while. Things just got busy. I blame work. I mostly blame Biomutant which wasn’t that good but sucked me in for some reason. Oh yeah, and I got determined to finish Octopath Traveler. Seriously, fuck that “true ending” boss rush. That was some stupid shit, man. Anyways; time to get the ol’fingers… Read more

DAILYDOODLE:04.30.21 #vorpaltales #liveplay #characterart

By / April 30, 2021

This was a deign for Tyler’s character. Of course its creepy.

DAILYDOODLE:04.23.21 #vorpaltales #liveplay #characterart

By / April 23, 2021

This was another character design for the Thursday game on Vorpal Tales. Still not big into drawing gothic horror. Its basically; draw something colorful, and then smear gray over the whole thing. Not exciting. Anyways, Ever gave me a live shot of their character cosplay. Really helped with the facial expression.

DAILYDOODLE:04.21.21 #vorpaltales #liveplay #characterart

By / April 21, 2021

This was a fun one. The concept for this was a druid who was an animal master. They had companions that were a bear, an owl, and a wolf. But I think they could also shapeshift into those forms as well? Anyways. I had the notion to make the animal forms/companions a “shadow”. I just… Read more

DAILYDOODLE:04.16.21 #vorpaltales #liveplay #characterart

By / April 16, 2021

This is another character design… …for the game we run on Thursdays at Vorpal Tales. Character is a shapeshifter of sorts with a liquid-like skin. Totes a doctor too. Taking appointments now.

DAILYDOODLE:04.14.21 #vorpaltales #liveplay #characterart

By / April 14, 2021

I am often asked… …to do some of the character art for posters for our shows. There is a careful balance between the player’s vision and what actually looks good on paper. In this case I took the wildest liberties with the art. The original concept was a black robed figure with purple runes on… Read more

DAILYDOODLE:04.12.21 #mascots more #jabberywocky

By / April 12, 2021

This was another version of the Jabberwocky… …that I sketched out. I liked this more. Still retained the look of the ‘wocky but had a lil’ more character.

DAILYDOODLE:03.24.21 #mascots #jabberywocky

By / April 5, 2021

Its that time again… …to revamp the corporate image. We were working on ideas for new logos and mascots this weekend. I always felt that it was somewhat ironic to be to be called “vorpal” tales and use the Jabberwocky (the thing the sword is used to slay) as the mascot/logo for the company. It… Read more

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