DAILYDOODLE:08.04.22 #spiders #gross #hairy

By / August 4, 2022

I drew a spider last year. Never posted it. Not sure why. Kind of a rad spider. I drew a fly once in high school for an art project. Art teacher loved it. This looks a lot like that picture. Gross to look at, amiright?

DAILYDOODLE:08.03.22 #terrapin #terror #doodle

By / August 3, 2022

It has been a long while. I am working on a supers story for Vorpal Tales where seven powerful beings rose up to destroy a great menace only to be corrupted by the powers they gain and turned to be the villains themselves. Now the players must go after them an defeat them. This is… Read more

DAILYDOODLE:08.31.21 #cats #spacelord #doodle

By / August 31, 2021

Cats In Space… …lord? I hate drawing humans. So I was like, “What if the Spacelord was a cat-person?”

poppins gigglebottom von mau

DAILYDOODLE:06.29.21 #cats # monarchies #doodle

By / June 29, 2021

This is Poppins Gigglebottom von Mau… I just love the word, “gigglebottom”. Don’t ask.

DAILYDOODLE:06.25.21 #spacelord #doodle

By / June 25, 2021

Its been a while. Things just got busy. I blame work. I mostly blame Biomutant which wasn’t that good but sucked me in for some reason. Oh yeah, and I got determined to finish Octopath Traveler. Seriously, fuck that “true ending” boss rush. That was some stupid shit, man. Anyways; time to get the ol’fingers… Read more

DAILYDOODLE:04.30.21 #vorpaltales #liveplay #characterart

By / April 30, 2021

This was a deign for Tyler’s character. Of course its creepy.

DAILYDOODLE:04.23.21 #vorpaltales #liveplay #characterart

By / April 23, 2021

This was another character design for the Thursday game on Vorpal Tales. Still not big into drawing gothic horror. Its basically; draw something colorful, and then smear gray over the whole thing. Not exciting. Anyways, Ever gave me a live shot of their character cosplay. Really helped with the facial expression.

DAILYDOODLE:04.21.21 #vorpaltales #liveplay #characterart

By / April 21, 2021

This was a fun one. The concept for this was a druid who was an animal master. They had companions that were a bear, an owl, and a wolf. But I think they could also shapeshift into those forms as well? Anyways. I had the notion to make the animal forms/companions a “shadow”. I just… Read more

DAILYDOODLE:04.16.21 #vorpaltales #liveplay #characterart

By / April 16, 2021

This is another character design… …for the game we run on Thursdays at Vorpal Tales. Character is a shapeshifter of sorts with a liquid-like skin. Totes a doctor too. Taking appointments now.

DAILYDOODLE:04.14.21 #vorpaltales #liveplay #characterart

By / April 14, 2021

I am often asked… …to do some of the character art for posters for our shows. There is a careful balance between the player’s vision and what actually looks good on paper. In this case I took the wildest liberties with the art. The original concept was a black robed figure with purple runes on… Read more

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