February 28, 2018

    molten man doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 02.28.2018, molten

    By / February 28, 2018

    He’s on fire! Molten Rock Man will melt your face! I really don’t have much explanation for this other than wanting to draw a molten rock monster thing…

    sheeprat doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 02.27.2018, playing gawd

    By / February 27, 2018

    What sweet horror have we wrought?! In the future, with space at a premium and time of the essence, there is only one solution to the textile industry; SCIENCE!  Mad science at that. Science has given us the Giant Sheeprat!  With the rapid growth of the rat, and the wool producing properties of a sheep,… Read more

    nofar perfect form doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 02.26.2018, perfection

    By / February 26, 2018

    Beware the Icosahedron!! Apparently if a being were to seek out the perfect for, they would basically become a d20.  At least, mathematically. BTW; Numberphile is a mind blowing YouTube channel.  Do not watch if if you are opposed to having your brain melted. So yeah…a d20 will kill even if you do not roll a… Read more

    spacelord and cat god doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 02.22.2018, cat gods

    By / February 22, 2018

    #猫の日 It is apparently National Cat Day in Japan.  The States do not celebrate it till some time in October.  It is one of those quasi-official holidays, but I’ll use any excuse to draw a cat.  I imagine this scene going something along the lines of… “Hi!  Spacelord Pajamas here!  You wouldn’t happen to be… Read more

    badger mech pilot doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 02.21.2018, badgering mechs

    By / February 21, 2018

    Ideas are always brewing in my head. Too many.  I never dedicate enough time to properly flesh out an idea.  Or maybe there just is not enough time in general?  Maybe… Anywho; been developing this thought of a game with mechs and there are anthropomorphic space-faring animals piloting them.  Isometric action turn-based strategy mech battling,… Read more

    chinese fu dog guardian lion doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 02.20.2018, cursory knowledge

    By / February 20, 2018

    Unbeknownst to me… What I often referred to as a ‘fu dog’ is actually a “Chinese guardian lion“.  Who knew? To be fair, my knowledge of Asian cultures comes from random deep dives based off of random bits that interest me while playing Civilization (5 is the best, 6 is still hot garbage even with… Read more

    quetzalcoatl doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 02.19.2018, quetzalcoatl

    By / February 19, 2018

    One of my favorite words to say is, “Quetzalcoatl”. Also, lanyard.  But try to bring up the former in casual conversation, right? “So I was thinking of buying a boat.” “Oh yeah?  Cool.  You know what a good name for a boat is?  Quetzalcoatl.” I am not going to pretend that I know a lot… Read more

    morning after cat zombie pizza doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 02.16.2018, meow

    By / February 16, 2018

    “Good morning, kitties…” “…weirdest thing, I woke up with pizza sauce on my arm this mornin…DID YOU TWO GET INTO THE PIZZA LAST NIGHT?” “meow…”  [“A comet came down from space last night and turned the pizza into undead pizza of the damned.”] “There is literally pizza bits everywhere!” “…meow…”  [“We saved your life hoo-mun;… Read more

    playful cats doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 02.15.2018, playful

    By / February 15, 2018

    Ever hear your cat in the middle of the night? That’s your cat saving your life. Ever get nudged awake by your cat in the middle of the night? It’s trying to tell you that it saved your life and wants treats in return. Your cat saves your life in the middle of the night,… Read more

    Zombie pizza gumming doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 02.14.2018, nomnomnom

    By / February 14, 2018

    Funny thing about reanimated cheese and dough flesh… No real hard bits. I have no idea where the idea of “pizza of the damned” came from, but it is going places!

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