March 30, 2018

    norfar plasma doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 03.30.2018, your doom

    By / March 30, 2018

    “What is it like to know that you will always be alone?!” In my head; in my brain; I have always had this idea of a negative version of myself — an alternate reality that is the culmination of all my worst decisions and submission to the the darkest of vice and desire.  The Villain… Read more

    alexdougeorge doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 03.29.2018, dare

    By / March 29, 2018

    “Hey kids; its your current, reigning tag team champs, Alexdougeorge!” “Kids, growing up, you might be pressured to use drugs.  Drugs are bad.  Only losers use drugs!” “Unless they are performance enhancements!  Then you totally win!” “George, that’s not the right message we want to be sending…” “Hashtag-WINNING!” “What if you have a cold, or… Read more

    action cartoon ninja doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 03.28.2018, paint this

    By / March 28, 2018

    I have not drawn the mascot in a while. Action pose! Awesome. I think I do my best work when I just sort of translate the brain to page.  Sometimes I get too caught up in the details…

    cometfall punch spacelord doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 03.27.2018, cometfall

    By / March 27, 2018

    COMETFALL PUNCH! I have an obsession with comets falling.  There was a Cleric spell in 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons where you could summon a comet from the sky with does 1d6 up to 15d6 worth of damage for every 10 feet it falls.  It was my favorite spell.  I miss that spell. I still… Read more

    DAILY DOODLE – 03.26.2018, tree

    By / March 26, 2018

    Someone mentioned Lord of the Rings earlier today. This got me thinking of Ents. Which got me thinking about angry trees that bash orcs.

    popcat spilling coffee doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 03.23.2018, spilltastic

    By / March 23, 2018

    This was my morning. PopCat has been sitting on the banister every morning wanting a pet before I head out for the day.  She was slow this morning, saw I was leaving and hurriedly jumped onto the banister, right into my larger coffee mug.  Coffee spills everywhere; onto blankets, bookshelves, papers, boxes…everywhere. Needless to say… Read more

    spacelord no helm doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 03.22.2018, de-helm’d

    By / March 22, 2018

    Grappling with how to portray a hero is hard. Should he ever be shown with his helmet off?  Who knows?!  Its like that time you played hours of Metroid only to find out the character was a woman. Anyway…been meaning to draw this one for a while.  Today seemed like a decent day.

    evil fiery noodle doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 03.21.2018, so hot

    By / March 21, 2018

    Not that long ago, in a recent lunch break, I, Jaakuna-men, the shapeless Master of Evil Lunches, unleashed a noteworthy evil!  But a foolish Spacelord wielding but a spork stepped forth to devour me.  Before the final bite was ate, I tore open a portal in temporal space and flung him into an alternate dimension where… Read more

    bug boxer doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 03.20.2018, pummel

    By / March 20, 2018

    My back has been killing me for three days now. It is because of this guy. I assume… Just punching away… Bugger skips leg day.

    superkoin doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 03.19.2018, blockchain

    By / March 19, 2018

    Behold, the new cryptocurrency that will make you millions; SUPERkoin! SUPERkoin has an amazing ROI!  How much you ask?!  AS MUCH AS YOU WANT IT TO BE! Unlike other blockchain-based currencies, SUPERkoin is a million times simpler.  Simply go down to the Home Depot, get yourself a huge sheet of plywood, draw a bunch’a 2-inch… Read more

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