November 29, 2018

    white cat doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:11.29.18, #morecats

    By / November 29, 2018

    I have not posted in a while… Been a bit distracted, holidays, and then…a new cat. I need to procrastinate less.

    PortalCow moral choices doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:11.14.18, #moralchoices

    By / November 14, 2018

    The Devil appears and presents a moral quandary. In order to proceed, you must either eat a baby or a cat. This is a difficult choice with multiple follow up questions for PortalCow.

    brutal broccoli doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:11.05.18, #proudbroccoli

    By / November 6, 2018

    Smash your freedom and diversity! Only vegetables shall reign! …Which…can you have vegetable purity if there are different types of vegetables?  Or are they just all vegetables?  Is one better than the other? Not sure anyone cares the thoughts of a Brutal Bro-ccoli…

    berserker tomato doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:11.02.18, #killertomato

    By / November 2, 2018

    Bloodthirsty pre-ketchup. A Berserker Tomato.  I dig it. It can block projectiles by placing their energized machetes in front. Looking at this…need to change those feet to something more grotesque…

    sniper carrot doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:11.01.18, #deadlyveggies

    By / November 1, 2018

    What’s that red dot on your chest?! SNIPER CARROTS! Working on a concept for a side-scroller for the Spacelord. The enemies are plant-based…vegetables.  Because vegetables are evil…and gross.

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