September 24, 2019


    DAILYDOODLE:09.24.19 #cat #laptop #cattop

    By / September 24, 2019

    If you have a laptop and a cat, that cat is on the laptop — RIGHT NOW. It is the truth. If your laptop is open, and a mouse is moving, that cat is gonna get that mouse cursor. Don’t try to stop them.

    DAILYDOODLE:09.20.19 #llama

    By / September 20, 2019

    So our team decided our mascot was the majestic Llama. They had me draw so many llamas. I’ve never drawn a llama before! The parameters for the llama were; tongue out, wearing a beret, at one point it needed a tank-top. Yeah, it got real weird…

    super terrific happy funteam3 logo

    DAILYDOODLE:09.18.19 #super #terrific

    By / September 18, 2019

    We are doing a team builder at work. Our first assignment was to come up with the attributes of our team. These are my suggestions.Team Name: Super Terrific Happy FunTeam3Colors: Purple, Blue, and GoldMascot: Striped Blue UnicatMotto: Be super terrific! Our team has to vote on the best suggestions. I feel like this is a… Read more

    queso stepping on sprout doodle 2019

    DAILYDOODLE:09.16.19 #cats #smallsteps

    By / September 16, 2019

    We have had a new cat for almost a year now; Queso. She is named after cheese, because cheese is awesome. She is a younger cat; maybe almost a year or two now. She gets along with her older sister Poppins, and adores her much older brother Sprout. They all enjoy their carpeted cat tower…. Read more

    spacelord pjs super-kick

    DAILYDOODLE:09.14.19 #spacelord #superkick

    By / September 14, 2019

    I have been absolutely abysmal with updates this year. No real reason. Work has been super busy, and I think I have just been playing too many video games. But the urge is back because felt randomly compelled to doodle. Super-kick party!

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