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Welcome to cartoon.ninja!

I still cannot get over the fact that dot-ninja is a viable domain.  How cool is that?

So what is this website?  It is me.  Shawn.  Spacelord Pajamas (lover of video games and Legos, team arcane explosives expert, one-man-ass-kicker, and resident healer).  It is my attempt to be on the web and display my art and thoughts.  Eventually I hope it to be a Portfolio, but for now it is an experiment in the making.  At best, this is a work in progress as I refine this space into a proper display of my talents.

Since the youngest of ages, I have drawn, sketched, doodled.  I still retain that skill to this day, and I usually churn out a doodle a day as I idle my brain after lunch at my desk, or as the day closes.  I can remember drawing renditions of Nintendo Power magazines, or other video game art.  I would draw whatever came to mind, and I eventually learned to put to paper what was in my mind’s eye.  With a knack for patterns and an artistic notion, my leanings are often of a visual one.

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Entering college, believing I might go down a track of visual arts, I found myself taking as many graphic classes as possible.  Having a love for video games though, growing up in the late 80’s and 90’s, technology was ever a part of life for me.  Studying newer consoles and the architecture behind them, garnering an understanding of technology was nigh inevitable.  Thus when I took an HTML course at college (the Internet had not quite become prominent at the time) I fell into a job working on the college’s web team — which was all of an older engineering dude and myself.  HTML led into tech, which diverged into networking, and ultimately a larger understanding of technology.  Though my major skills aligned more with Information Technology (of which I ultimately earned my degree in, having abandon graphic arts early on), I never lost my love of art or doodles.

When you work in tech, you have a lot of down time watching load screens.  Naturally I found myself doodling on whatever piece of paper I could find.  Along with my tech gear, there was always a sketch book within my work satchel.  Over time I have developed characters and stories.  These characters and stories have been fleshed out over many-many years.  Now I am hoping to devote more of my spare time to developing these long-standing ideas into fully realized projects.

That is what this site is about.  This is the journey of reconnecting with my art and stories, and attempting to catch up on web design technologies.  Currently this site is more of a rough draft…a very rough draft, as I start to pick up on what can be done with the web in these modern times.  As I have for years, this with be a practice of continued refinement.