Shawn McNamara

Information Scientist

Value Proposition

Positive, energetic, knowledgeable professional with years of progressively increased responsibilities in team management, project/account management, and customer success for small business and start-up corporations.  A strong record of; efficient and effective troubleshooting, quality assurance, and achieving cost saving workflows. Outstanding written and verbal communication skills, experience building, and maintaining partnerships with customers and vendors.

Professional Synopsis

Customer Success

  • Extremely familiar with online, collaborative environments; meeting with end users from around the world in online meeting spaces for instructional learning, creating efficient workflows, and better profitability.
  • Imparted knowledge to customers (both in online & offline meeting spaces) to create more  efficient workflows and best practices to increase sales.
  • Proven ability to provide excellent customer experience.
  • Meeting facilitation of software implementation webinars turning novices into experts.
  • Provided expert tutelage to junior support representatives, allowing them to rise quickly to higher levels of knowledge.
  • Constructed enterprise networks and IT infrastructure from the ground up, taking customers through the process of proper hardware selection for their operations, resulting in the management of a functional IT department within their company.
  • Possess the ability to remain solution focused during challenging situations.
  • Developed an online knowledge base allowing end users to query solutions for common problems, improving knowledge creating time saved and reducing unnecessary reliance on repetitive support calls.
  • Improved co-worker morale/performance by modeling positive reinforcement/attitude.
  • Consulted with businesses on proper workflow for PSA systems (ConnectWise, Autotask,, etc.), to quoting solutions (QuoteWerks), to accounting packages (Quickbooks, Sage/Peachtree, Dynamics).
  • Possess the necessary managerial skills to motivate and strategically drive teams direction to meet revenue goals.

Team Management

  • Responsible for; employee performance reviews, administrative oversight for support team, and yearly objectives for team goals and benchmarks.
  • Formulated positively-worded, conflict resolution correspondence to customer grievances transitioning a critical situation into a satisfying problem resolution.
  • Manager of in-house ticketing system, analyzing requests, suggesting possible first action, and provided information for first response creating time saved for SLAs.
  • Maintained metrics on technical support staff, observing problem areas, suggesting methods for improvement, and setting realistic goals to excel.
  • Helps to create and process client Statement of Works (SOWs) and Quotes for add-on services, software and hardware.
  • Charismatically develop and maintain strong relationships with assigned clients gaining insight into their industry, business, and operations and serving as a trusted advisor to key influencers and/or decision makers.
  • Ability to collaborate with clients to identify business challenges and develops recommended solutions through the promotion of current business enterprise offerings
  • Works closely with Sales Engineers and Account Executives to structure solutions, create account plans and identify other cross-selling opportunities within current business enterprise offerings to achieve identified performance and revenue goals.
  • Evaluated feature request submissions identifying key account requests for best ROI.
  • Constructed an issue tracking system for expedition of critical issues allowing development teams faster issue resolution.
  • Project Management of significant clients from provisioning kick-off, turnover to appropriate departments with short deadlines, managing high pressure situations.
  • Applying critical thinking to project status, identifying critical path item, in order to convey comprehensive project status reports to key clients and vendors.
  • Developed thorough, concise reports analyzing project status, detailing positive results, and contrary aspects, giving constructive criticism for improved results on future projects.
  • Conducted interviews for hiring and recruitment of new team members, negotiating salaries based on perceived skill and ROI on potential talent.
  • Manages client satisfaction ensuring a high level of customer experience.
  • Participates in the diagnosis and resolution of escalated concerns.
  • Serves as the focal point for client communication of outcome and ongoing troubleshooting.

Technology Application

  • Expert at OBS production for live streams on a nightly basis, with the ability to create and manage professional looking overlays.
  • Produce aesthetically pleasing websites utilizing Photoshop, HTML5/CSS, cPanel, WordPress, Bootstrap, and content management for mobile design.
  • Proficient technical writer of instructional, clear-to-follow documentation, ranging from purely recreational, to canned email response articles, to corporate manuals.
  • Skilled in the use of Adobe InDesign for supplement and documentation design.
  • Expert in use of XML for data feeds and document management.
  • Review and improve company process flow, targeting weak areas and developing new paradigms for maximum productivity and work efficiency employing Cloud technology.
  • Using customer specifications, evaluating current infrastructure for cost savings, best ROI on new equipment to fulfill requirements for the project; detail a reasonable plan of execution incorporating current workflows, along with more efficient methods, leading to cost-effective IT solutions ensuring the longevity of IT investment.
  • Proficient in disaster recovery methods and data loss prevention, assuring maximum efficiency in recovery time with minimal downtime and data loss.
  • Qualified Microsoft and A+ Certified Professional in a Microsoft Business and Exchange environment and maintaining multi-tiered enterprise level networks using current technologies for network and system administration for a large end-user base.
  • Proficient in the management of Microsoft/Office 365 tenant accounts.
  • Skilled in database management and analytics via Microsoft SQL Management Studio as well as cloud-based database solutions such as AWS.
  • Possess acute knowledge utilizing critical thinking on obscure errors (system and programmatic, e.g .NET), applying keen troubleshooting to resolve issues effectively.
  • Well versed in CRM/PSA and accounting packages such as; ConnectWise, Autotask,, ACT!, MSCRM, SugarCRM,  and Quickbooks and Sage/Peachtree.
  • Expert in the proper use of DNS Management.

Career Biography

Vorpal Tales (2020 – Present), Manistique, MI (Remote)

Co-Founder and COO

Co-Founder of an entertainment organization that delivers a quality streaming channel, with a diverse cast and set of Game Masters, across various gaming systems seven days a week. As one of the three founding members, I have taken on the role of a COO; managing the day-to-day organization of roles; making sure that marketing is using the correct terms and hashtags, holding a weekly production meeting, plotting the course of the next season’s games, informing the talent of what games they are following, what rules they are utilizing, and making sure that the operation is moving smoothly and efficiently. I head up interviews of potential cast and crew, making sure that they not only meet the desired quality of talent, but that they also meet the standards of the company culture.
I am taking part in weekly games as a cast member several times a week. I also formulate my own stories for games that I run on stream 1-2 nights a week. I also take on production duties, producing shows utilizing OBS. As part of the organization’s main source of income, I am integral in the writing and production of game supplements for existing gaming systems; organizing a crew of freelance writers, as well as taking on writing segments of the supplements. It is also my task to compile and produce the final version of the supplement using Adobe Indesign. As a founding member it is my responsibility to forge partnerships with industry members to create cross company content, as well as securing outside partnerships and sponsors to grow the channel.

Relentless Solutions, Inc. (2019 – 2022), North Miami FL (Remote)

Accounts Manager

Developing long-term relationships with a portfolio of clients, connecting with key business executives and stakeholders. Create and process client Statement of Works (SOWs) and Quotes for add-on services, software and hardware. Liaise between clients/customers and expert development and technical teams to ensure the timely and successful delivery of solutions according to customer needs. Develops and maintains strong relationships with assigned clients gaining insight into their industry, business, and operations and serving as a trusted advisor to key influencers and/or decision makers. Updates client database with new opportunities, current account information and other business information. Responsible for directing a team of technicians dedicated to meeting the operational needs of assigned client segments.

Relentless Solutions, Inc. (2018 – 2019), North Miami FL (Remote)

Technical Specialist

Project Management for digital vitalization and business IT integrations for small to large businesses.  Specializing is procedure documentation and creation for business process workflows, enabling the learning of client staff to integrate new working processes for better efficiency and a better work life-cycle.  Integrating large scale sales systems taking the client through quoting, inventory, and revenue collection with both existing, and newly integrated systems for a more professional business process.

Aspire Technologies, Inc. (2010 – 2018), Orlando FL

Service Delivery Manager

Management of an elite group of customer support professionals, providing what was described by our customers as “legendary and second to none”.  Ensured customer success via online training sessions, support webinars, and training of support staff.  Provided consultancy to inexperienced system administrators on how best to implement the software into their current IT architecture.  Technical support specialties ranged from general break/fix, to administering guidance to small-to-large businesses on the implementation of quotation software into their current business workflow (CRM, PSA, Accounting packages).

Xasax Corporation (2009 – 2010), Naples FL

Technical Account Manager, Provisioning

Facilitate the installation and maintenance of high speed, low bandwidth network connectivity for algorithmic trading devices to an array of financial markets.  Consulted with a multi-national engineering team to diagnose layer 2/3 network connectivity issues in order to resolve issues in a timely manner.  Maintained a detailed project plan with up-to-date status and target dates for completion.

R.A. Cassel & Associates (2008 – 2009), Orlando FL

Senior Technician

Maintained network operations for over 100 different small businesses within the Orlando area.  Strategized, coordinated, and managed file server and Exchange server migrations.  Provided consultation of various system and network issues on-site and over the phone.  Developed technology plans for companies to guide their IT budget.  Collaborated with associates to provide quick and accurate solutions to both common and unique IT problems.

Orange County Public Schools (2006 – 2008), Orlando FL

Technical Coordinator

Managed Information Technology operations for over 100 workstations and over 60 users and 400+ students in an impoverished area of Orlando.  Setup and managed multiple server-to-client programs.  Developed a 5-year technology plan projecting technology needs.  Efficiently analyzed problems both user and hardware related.  Established a productive internet resource using SharePoint.

Computer Systems for Professionals (2005 – 2006), Orlando FL

Microsoft Certified Professional

Operated as the Information Technology Administrator for over one-hundred local small businesses.  Troubleshot and replaced errant hardware.  Twenty-four hour support technician for major law firms and small businesses.  Setup and managed multiple Microsoft Exchange servers, providing remote access and productivity for clients in the field.  Consulted on the appropriate hardware and office configuration for efficient information transfer and improved performance.

Toptech Systems, Inc.  (2000 – 2005), Orlando FL

Systems Administrator

Compiled procedures for the integration of new systems.  Provided direct instruction to end users for newly installed systems.  Handled and resolved end user grievances in a professional manner leading to results that enhanced the image of the corporation.  Collaborated with external departments to develop a web-based information retrieval system that facilitated improved communication with customers.  Initiated processes for evaluating corporate systems and suggested cost-effective acquisitions to improve the performance of the overall system.  Maintained an inventory of surplus materials for replacements resulting in cost reduction, efficient maintenance, and decreased downtime.  Trained employees to use applications and apply shortcuts which improved their job performance.

Valencia Community College (1996 – 1999), Orlando FL

Internet Specialist

Produced and hosted an array of custom built websites that gathered over 10,000 visitors per month using proper search ranking, keyword alignment, and professional construction.  Trained and supervised designers on web development projects leading to the successful construction and maintenance of high-use professional-grade websites.  Collaborated with external departments to develop a web-based information retrieval system that facilitated improved communication with customers.  Assisted in establishing a comprehensive information technology department.  Responsible for maintaining file, web, ftp, hubs/switches, routers, DHCP, DNS, and mail servers.  Initiated processes for evaluating corporate systems and suggesting cost-effective acquisitions to improve the performance of the overall system through automated web-based systems. Advised professors on how to adapt classroom materials for online course work; forming some of the first online classes in the state of Florida.


Bachelor of Science, College of Information, Florida State University (Tallahassee, FL) August 2000

Associate Arts Degree, Valencia Community College Honors Program (Orlando, FL) May 1998

Graduation with Honors from University High School (Orlando, FL) May 1996