The End?

    Man In The #HighCastle and the Ambiguously Satisfying Ending

    By / December 2, 2019

    My thoughts after viewing the series finale of Man In the High Castle

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Group


    By / August 2, 2019

    It has been a month…or two. I can’t say that it has been for lack of want to post, just super distracted with games, life, work, and most importantly of all — comics. A friend had been getting back into comics, which pulled me back in eventually. There is a shop close enough that makes… Read more

    #DragonQuest -ing; On the Quest for Dragons – Choice Making

    By / October 16, 2018

    …Dragon Quest 3. Originally released on the NES in 1991, it saw releases on the SNES and Gameboy Advanced, and more recently, iOS and Android. It sold over a million copies on the first day of release in Japan, with over 300 arrests for truancy among students absent from school to purchase the game. With… Read more

    Dragon Warrior 2 north american box art

    #DragonQuest -ing; On the Quest for Dragons – Convictions of Reinforcements

    By / September 24, 2018

    Dragons. They are the one mythical creature that seems to transcend all cultures. Every culture seems to both revere and fear these giant creatures. They are the final bosses, mini-boss, mystical quest givers, wish-granters of a lot of fiction and fantasy. There is no greater feat a fictional heroic person can accomplish than that of… Read more

    nintendo power dragon quest promotional materials

    #DragonQuest -ing; On the Quest for Dragons – Original Memory Quest

    By / September 20, 2018

    This is a repost of something I started about a year or more back. Having listened to Retronauts recent talks on the first two of the series, I got a wicked flood of nostalgia.  With Dragon Quest 11’s Switch release somewhere in limbo currently, it reminded me that I had started a life goal that… Read more

    Let’s Talk About the #NintendoSwitch For a Second…

    By / May 25, 2018

    The other day, the family was like, “Hey, let’s hang out and watch the #NASCAR All-Star race!”  The wife enjoys that go-fast-turn-left noise, and so does my Dad.  After getting over my PTSD from the holiday season where the family insisted we play “The Office” version of Clue, even though I had only seen The… Read more

    #NewYears #2018 Sauces

    By / January 7, 2018

    Please explain what the hell #GuyFieri ever did to anyone… #ShaneTorres #Conan This is the question posed by Shane Torres late in 2017 on Conan O’brien.  Now, I never actually saw the show, but somehow the clip made its way into my circle; I think mostly because a friend of mine thinks Guy Fieri is… Read more

    cartoon ninja digital logo 2017

    DIGITAL ILLUSTRATION – New Cartoon Ninja “logo”

    By / September 4, 2017

    Laboring on Labor Day So what did you do on your Labor Day?  Cook out?  Have some steak, some hamburgers, maybe a few hotdogs?  Wax political with the friends, or comment on the neighbor’s grass?  I learned to digital art (that’s a passive verb now). It’s been a long time coming and I figured today… Read more

    Issue 01 of Spaced Out

    State of the Cartoon Ninja – 08.28.2017, remember that time when…

    By / August 28, 2017

    I have been tryin’ real hard, Ringo. I did not see Pulp Fiction till about…1999?  Maybe 2000?  It would be easy to say I was just never into rated-R movies.  Then again, the types of movies that I like to watch usually are not rated-R.  I was still excited about new cartoons coming out well… Read more

    crater lake, oregon

    continuing to awesome

    By / July 20, 2017

    Heya.  Seemed like an opportune time for an update. I was recently in Oregon to see my bud’s wedding.  I took the time to check out Crater Lake — totally awesome, totally worth the trip.  Unfortunately the Spacelord’s body hates these quick trips across the country (literally), and boy am I tired. Having been back… Read more

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