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    cthulhu digital art 2017

    DIGITAL ILLUSTRATION – 10.22.2017, strange aeons

    By / October 23, 2017

    A few yah’or’nahh back, Y’ drew precursor l’ ahf’ Y’ mgep hoped would ah mgfm’latghnanah cthulhu digital illustration. H’ mgepmggoka ya few yah’or’nahh, mgng Y’ finally h’ mgepuaaah. Fahf ehye ahuaaah or’azath llll ah’legeth n’ghftnahh ng mgn’ghftt, etc. L’ yeah. Mggoka’drn likes h’. Y’ mgep fun h’ ah. Y’ hai mgep cthulhu ep ya cap…. Read more

    spacelord pajamas, space armor 2017 digital illustration

    DIGITAL ILLUSTRATION – 9.16.2017, spacelord pajamas, space-armored

    By / September 25, 2017

    He leaps from the sky! And grins before punching you in the face!  Saving the galaxy, one punch at a time! Find some more backstory on the concept of the Spacelord Pajamas here.  It is late, and I am very tired. Motion blur and lens flare.  So many lens flares! Lens flares are cool!

    Voodoo Arcade Icon 2017

    DIGITAL ILLUSTRATION – 9.16.2017, voodoo arcade icon

    By / September 17, 2017

    Voodoo Arcade gonna hex yah, mon… My buddy Steve and I were playing WWE 2k16…maybe it was 17?  Maybe.  Hrm…? Anyways. We were making wrestling characters in a wrestling game.  On a whim I made an overweight dude with an orange mohawk who only wore a towel as his ring gear.  He was named Spacelord… Read more

    Hatchetcock digital art 2017

    DIGITAL ILLUSTRATION – 09.12.2017, digital hatchetcock

    By / September 13, 2017

    The revenge of a chicken is bittersweet. Or, you know…tastes like chicken.  I guess. After surviving #IRMAGEDDON, I had some free time.  That free time involved doing another digital cartoon.  These are getting easier now! He is one of my favorite things to doodle, and he seemed easy enough to render into a digital cartoon…. Read more

    cartoon ninja digital logo 2017

    DIGITAL ILLUSTRATION – New Cartoon Ninja “logo”

    By / September 4, 2017

    Laboring on Labor Day So what did you do on your Labor Day?  Cook out?  Have some steak, some hamburgers, maybe a few hotdogs?  Wax political with the friends, or comment on the neighbor’s grass?  I learned to digital art (that’s a passive verb now). It’s been a long time coming and I figured today… Read more

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