plaque merchant doole, 2017

DAILY DOODLE – 07.11.2017, a trip to the dentist

By / July 11, 2017

Since when did dentists decide that water picking your teeth was a better way than a fancy motorized toothbrush? I thought up the Plaque Merchant on my first visit to the dentist after a long time away from having my teeth cleaned.  The noises all the tools made were just terrible.  When I came out… Read more

Hatchetcock and friends

Daily Doodle – 07.09.2017, five year throwback

By / July 9, 2017

Say hello to Hatchetcock and friends.  A chicken with an axe.  This is a kid’s fairy tale…trust me. I used to carry a sketch book around with me and sketched everyday.  These days I have resorted to Post-Its for some reason.  Outside of just not going to the store and getting a new sketchbook, I… Read more

mandarin orange doodle 7/17

Daily Doodle – 07.07.2017, the mandarin orange

By / July 7, 2017

This is the Mandarin Orange.  Yes, that is a sentient orange fruit grafted to the head of a gorilla-like body. I typically try to do a “doodle” a day (the ‘’ domain is being camped like the armor in Goldeneye, otherwise I’d have snagged that one instead, as this is site is going to be… Read more 1

awesome in progress…

By / July 6, 2017

Greetings awesome people, and welcome to  I am your host, Spacelord Pajamas. “Such an odd name,” you might find yourself saying.  Well yes it is, but that is the point now isn’t it?  Or is it?  Doesn’t matter.  Regardless, this is my new venture site.  I have been meaning for some time to have… Read more

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