ninja green girl with sword doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 05.17.2018, blue cherry

    By / May 17, 2018

    I was channeling things here. I had that image of Maeve in the Westworld promotion stuck in my head for some reason.  Then when coloring it took a whole new pathway.  This might be a series of…four…

    soda love doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 05.14.2018, soda

    By / May 14, 2018

    I love Soda. Soda was an important part of my life. I used to have Soda almost every day. It became my center. I would do anything for Soda. The sweet fizz and tang made me happy. I did not know a life without Soda. Then Soda had to go away. I did not quite… Read more

    doodle satchel doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 04.30.2018, forgetful

    By / April 30, 2018

    I forgot my drawing satchel today. Well, it’s not really a satchel but like a lil’ case…and the pad.  It’s a whole thing.  I take it on Monday, leave it all week and take it with me on Friday.  It is still sitting there…on the counter.  Being molested by the cats probably.

    bowser doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 04.17.2018, bowser

    By / April 17, 2018

    Who is the baddest bad that ever badded? Browser…maybe?  He’s pretty bad…if not predictable. Oh, you were hoping for more Chrono Trigger doodles?  Yeah no. Anywho…I am still waiting for my Ninja Turtles, Mario crossover where Bowser’s wizard koopas brainwash the Turtles and kidnap Peach.  Then Mario has to team up with Splinter to get… Read more

    crono doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 04.16.2018, crono

    By / April 16, 2018

    It was not until many years later, that I realized Akira Toriyama was the artist for Chrono Trigger. I remember just being like, “man, that looks a lot like Dragon Ball Z…”  When I was a kid, I used to draw my favorite Nintendo characters all the time.  Toriyama probably had some influence on me —… Read more

    metroid samus aran doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 04.10.2018, metroid

    By / April 10, 2018

    I think Metroid was my first Nintendo game. I never actually owned it; I always rented it from the local video store.  Samus has always been my favorite Nintendo character.  Power suit, fighting aliens, and who knew there was a woman in a bikini under there right?!  Even when I was a kid that seemed… Read more

    cometfall punch spacelord doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 03.27.2018, cometfall

    By / March 27, 2018

    COMETFALL PUNCH! I have an obsession with comets falling.  There was a Cleric spell in 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons where you could summon a comet from the sky with does 1d6 up to 15d6 worth of damage for every 10 feet it falls.  It was my favorite spell.  I miss that spell. I still… Read more

    green hag doodle 2017

    DAILY DOODLE – 09.15.2017, green hag

    By / September 15, 2017

    The Green Hag approaches! A hideous visage of a a green hag creeps out of the darkness as you enter the small yurt.  “Hello my pretty morsel?  What brings you this deep into the forest?”  She strides over to a bubbling cauldron that sits atop a stone circle with blazing logs beneath it.  The horrible… Read more

    plaque merchant doole, 2017

    DAILY DOODLE – 07.11.2017, a trip to the dentist

    By / July 11, 2017

    Since when did dentists decide that water picking your teeth was a better way than a fancy motorized toothbrush? I thought up the Plaque Merchant on my first visit to the dentist after a long time away from having my teeth cleaned.  The noises all the tools made were just terrible.  When I came out… Read more

    Hatchetcock and friends

    Daily Doodle – 07.09.2017, five year throwback

    By / July 9, 2017

    Say hello to Hatchetcock and friends.  A chicken with an axe.  This is a kid’s fairy tale…trust me. I used to carry a sketch book around with me and sketched everyday.  These days I have resorted to Post-Its for some reason.  Outside of just not going to the store and getting a new sketchbook, I… Read more

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