many clowns vs spacelord pajamas doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:09.14.18, #clownwars

    By / September 14, 2018

    “They will destroy you if they can!” “I don’t fear them…I just hate them…”

    conan spacelord pose doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:09.12.18, #stories

    By / September 12, 2018

    So, did the Spacelord end the Doom of Thulsa on planet Osric. And having no further concern, he and his companions sought adventure and pizza in the Far Reaches of Space. Many feuds did the Spacelord contend, and a great many more pizzas were consume. Pineapple and sausage toppings were heaped upon his name and,… Read more

    cat fighting a pencil doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:07.30.18, #mortalenemies

    By / July 31, 2018

    Poppins hates pencils. Also, bugs, lizards, rabbits, being held, lack of treats, being away from her hoo-muns for long periods of time, and night time. But mostly pencils.  Each one of them is a vile villain that must be knocked to the floor and shamed.  Now that I work from home, I have a few… Read more

    eldritch maw and the spacelord doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:07.03.18, naptime

    By / July 3, 2018

    “Whoa!  Someone missed nap time!” The Spacelord had crept, lost, in the asteroid for hours when the hard rock gave way to a moist atmosphere, and sinew-like flesh.  It took him just a moment or two to realize something was living deep inside the ancient stellar fragment floating there in space.  He dashed away, firing… Read more

    big skulls in jungle planet doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:06.26.18, extinct

    By / June 26, 2018

    “So these big things are extinct…right?” “Yeah.” “Okay…good.  I think.” “However, the thing that ate them…that’s another story.” “Oh shi…”

    spacelord lasers nofar doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:06.22.18, penultimate

    By / June 22, 2018

    “You have interfered for the last time, SPACELORD!” “Heard it, before, snugglebutt.  Why don’t you just give up and let me go for pizza?” “Never!  I am absolute!” “Absolutely a mass-murdering purple butt for a face!”

    atomic sonic boom punch against nofar doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:06.21.18, impact

    By / June 21, 2018

    “I grow bored…the only thing that shall sate me is this planet’s utter destruction.” *BOOM-BOOM* “What in the oblivion is that…?” *turns to look in the direction of the sonic booms, but before he can…* WHAM!

    nofar relish spacelord arrives doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:06.20.18, newchallenger

    By / June 20, 2018

    “Your flesh is too weak to resist! “What made you think you could stand against the glory that is, Nofar?!  Nofar relishes little in your destruction.  Who now will construct grand monuments to my greatness?  Who will siphon your resources to my grand design?!  You make Nofar work, you terrible heathens to my glory! “Is… Read more

    nofar beat-up-not-beat up doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:06.19.18, invulnerable

    By / June 19, 2018

    “Pathetic flesh sacks!  Your mortal weapons cannot harm me!” “I am invulnerable!  I am eternal!  I am beyond your comprehension and power!” “I gave you a chance at a merciful subjugation!  Now your end will be beyond brutal!  Wail to whatever gods you may have — beg them for paradise, for Nofar brings your doom!”

    nofar invasion doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:06.18.18, invasion

    By / June 18, 2018

    “Denizens of this planet of who’s name I will not bother to learn…!” “I am Nofar; scourge of the cosmos, shaper of my desire, emperor of despair, sultan of sorrow, destroyer of hope, bringer of the damned, the prime being, and the grace that will alter the universe to perfection.” “Surrender to me, and you… Read more

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