spacelord in castlevania doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:06.28.18, #castlevania

    By / June 28, 2018

    “So look, Simon — like I was saying…” “Oh, you got the flame whip thing.  That’s cool and all…look so I am stuck in some of my favorite video games, and I have to help you beat the game to get out.  I know you gotta get to the top of the castle and all…oh… Read more

    Let’s Talk About the #NintendoSwitch For a Second…

    By / May 25, 2018

    The other day, the family was like, “Hey, let’s hang out and watch the #NASCAR All-Star race!”  The wife enjoys that go-fast-turn-left noise, and so does my Dad.  After getting over my PTSD from the holiday season where the family insisted we play “The Office” version of Clue, even though I had only seen The… Read more

    zelda botw doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 04.20.2018, strong female protagonist-ish

    By / April 20, 2018

    Breath of the Wild should have had a second quest. You should have been able to play as Zelda going around and doing her Zelda things.  That would have been fun, cool, and Link could have come along as the cook or something.  Give her a sword and shield and go for it!  I feel… Read more

    rabbid peach doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 04.18.2018, selfie

    By / April 18, 2018

    Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has not right to be as good as it is. Somewhere along the way @Ubisoft was like, “Hey, let’s take our weird spin-off franchise and blend it with the Mario franchise — also the gameplay is totes X-Com.” There is a world where someone said, “That idea is brilliant!  Make… Read more

    bowser doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 04.17.2018, bowser

    By / April 17, 2018

    Who is the baddest bad that ever badded? Browser…maybe?  He’s pretty bad…if not predictable. Oh, you were hoping for more Chrono Trigger doodles?  Yeah no. Anywho…I am still waiting for my Ninja Turtles, Mario crossover where Bowser’s wizard koopas brainwash the Turtles and kidnap Peach.  Then Mario has to team up with Splinter to get… Read more

    crono doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 04.16.2018, crono

    By / April 16, 2018

    It was not until many years later, that I realized Akira Toriyama was the artist for Chrono Trigger. I remember just being like, “man, that looks a lot like Dragon Ball Z…”  When I was a kid, I used to draw my favorite Nintendo characters all the time.  Toriyama probably had some influence on me —… Read more

    lucha pikachu doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 04.13.2018, confliction

    By / April 13, 2018

    I hate Pikachu. If you know me; you know this to be true.  I despise the chubby lil’ shock mouse.  Electric-type Pokemon has always been a wasteland of odd lil’ creeps that don’t look cool, or are paired with some terrible type alt type or are some derivative of of disgusting cute wanna-be Pikachu —… Read more

    toon link doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 04.12.2018, master toon

    By / April 12, 2018

    Aside from having the best boss fight of all time… …Windwaker was a really great game.  It was sort of open world, but not really.  I only played it once, so to know whether it holds up after all this time is difficult to say. What is easy to say however, is that I love… Read more

    metroid samus aran doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 04.10.2018, metroid

    By / April 10, 2018

    I think Metroid was my first Nintendo game. I never actually owned it; I always rented it from the local video store.  Samus has always been my favorite Nintendo character.  Power suit, fighting aliens, and who knew there was a woman in a bikini under there right?!  Even when I was a kid that seemed… Read more

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