eldritch hallway fight doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:10.24.18, #eldritchexpeditions

    By / October 24, 2018

    In the rusty hallways of a time long past… …our daring hero, Spacelord Pajamas, finds the remnants of the expedition.  However, time too long spent in the mists has altered them in terrible, horrible ways.  Both flesh and spirit broken by the swirling, sweltering mists have changed them forever.  As their tentacles ensnare our hero,… Read more

    mist city doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:10.23.18, #eldritchtales

    By / October 23, 2018

    Cyclopian creatures waver in the mists The ancient civilization, long forgotten even at the fall of the expansive empire, hovers silently in the mists. Our intrepid hero scours it’s ancient halls, avoiding the elder gaze of the lumbering entities.  Will our hero survive these perilous precipices of peril?!

    spacelord in the mists doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:10.22.18, #eldritchmists

    By / October 22, 2018

    What deadly horrors lurk in the Deadly Mists of Dagmar VII!? We find our daring hero on the planet Dagmar VII, whose surface is covered with strange Eldritch Mists!  A recent survey expedition has gone missing, and our intrepid hero has been sent to find our lost surveyors!

    lovecraftian love monster doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:08.22.18, #swipeforlovecraftian

    By / August 22, 2018

    Fahf ah bob. bob ah lloigazath n’ghftdrn. H’ hates gof’nn ng loves f’ lllln’gha. bob enjoys spaghetti ep candle mgn’ghft llll brazed lw’nafhnah if ymg’ would like l’ l’ ai bob, swipe epgoka

    eldritch maw and the spacelord doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:07.03.18, naptime

    By / July 3, 2018

    “Whoa!  Someone missed nap time!” The Spacelord had crept, lost, in the asteroid for hours when the hard rock gave way to a moist atmosphere, and sinew-like flesh.  It took him just a moment or two to realize something was living deep inside the ancient stellar fragment floating there in space.  He dashed away, firing… Read more

    spacelord giant snake goblin doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 06.01.2018, exaggeration

    By / June 1, 2018

    Oh wow… …so you were totes serious about the giant four-armed, snake-goblin thing with a shillelagh the size of a small house. I’ll be honest; I thought you were exaggerating about the whole “four arms thing”.

    gibbering mass of tentacles doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 05.24.2018, thursday

    By / May 24, 2018

    Everyone knows Thursday is the worst day of the week. That was all the Spacelord could think about as the tentacle wrapped around him and scooped him high up into the air.  Pulse blasts were proving ineffective.  Punching the thing only seemed to piss it off more — if something from a far realm of… Read more

    eldritch stars gear head doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 05.09.2018, gear head

    By / May 9, 2018

    “That uh…well, I am just gonna call it a ‘space leviathan’ — that bulkhead should hold it for a few moment minutes.” The Commando was unwavered by The Gear Head’s words, and stayed poised with heavy rifle aimed towards the airlock.  The Gear Head glanced at the Commando quizzically, shrugged, and set back to the… Read more

    eldritch stars psion doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 05.08.2018, psion

    By / May 8, 2018

    It was the idle moments that were the worst. The Psion pressed against the hallway.  The flesh-like substance that coated the wall seemed to suckled against the parts of her bare skin exposed by her outfit.  The confines of the darkness around them, the odd voices that echoed through space, the deep emptiness and loathing… … Read more

    arm out of planet doodle 2018

    DAILY DOODLE – 04.25.2018, planetary tours

    By / April 25, 2018

    “And on your left you will see the rings of…” The earth trembled.  The mantle shuttered.  The crust cracked and split, flinging chunks of the planet’s surface into the atmosphere.  The putridly purple appendage reached into the sky and came crashing down on the far pole of the planet.   The world splintered into gusts passing… Read more

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