DAILYDOODLE:08.31.21 #cats #spacelord #doodle

    By / August 31, 2021

    Cats In Space… …lord? I hate drawing humans. So I was like, “What if the Spacelord was a cat-person?”

    unidragoncat doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:09.24.18, #unidragoncat

    By / September 24, 2018

    Isn’t it the cutest? I am sure the Internet has done this one better, but this all all my things rolled up into one.

    portalcow portal as umbrella doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:08.27.18, #raindelay

    By / August 27, 2018

    Rainy day?  Not when you have a Portalcow! Turn that frown, upside down…teleport that rain someplace else! I guess it would make more sense to simply teleport to where you’re going rather than walk through the rain with a portal over one’s head?  Hrm…

    lovecraftian love monster doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:08.22.18, #swipeforlovecraftian

    By / August 22, 2018

    Fahf ah bob. bob ah lloigazath n’ghftdrn. H’ hates gof’nn ng loves f’ lllln’gha. bob enjoys spaghetti ep candle mgn’ghft llll brazed lw’nafhnah if ymg’ would like l’ l’ ai bob, swipe epgoka

    samurai club sandwich 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:07.27.18, #samuraiclub

    By / July 27, 2018

    Sometimes you look down at the pad of paper and go… “I’m gonna draw a samurai club sandwich.” And you do it.  And you laugh.  And that is Friday folks.

    plaque merchants doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:07.25.18, #thedentistisevil

    By / July 25, 2018

    They call them; dentists. In truth, they are dark fey entities who thrive on the plaque from your teeth to create the strongest adhesive known to any sentient. When I was a kid, going to the dentist was kinda cool; TVs were on the ceiling, everything tasted like candy, the cleaning was like gentle fairies… Read more

    Gator pool doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:07.13.18, #poolparty

    By / July 13, 2018

    Hey there. Yeah.  I am an alligator — in your pool.  You didn’t clean it all winter; what did you think would happen?  The swamp itself is less brown than your lil’ wading pond here. Plus side; I ate all the frogs that took up residence.  Bad side; you got a gator in your pool…. Read more

    Spacelord reconciles with owlhydra doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:07.12.18, #reconcile

    By / July 12, 2018

    “Hey there Mr. Owlhydra…thing… “Yeah so we used to fight and stuff but I guess we need to get along now.  No hard feelings?  Wanna get a pizza?” … “You’re not saying much there…uh, can you even talk?”

    intergalactic world cup doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:07.06.18, #worldcup

    By / July 6, 2018

    “It looks like it’s going to be a penalty on the Russians…” “Totally a penalty as the octahedron is flung wild into the stands.  Yes that will be a corner bloodletting for the Yhultyxh’ians.” “Absolutely; this could be tough for the Russians — they may have been the only survivors of the decimation of their… Read more

    eldritch maw and the spacelord doodle 2018

    DAILYDOODLE:07.03.18, naptime

    By / July 3, 2018

    “Whoa!  Someone missed nap time!” The Spacelord had crept, lost, in the asteroid for hours when the hard rock gave way to a moist atmosphere, and sinew-like flesh.  It took him just a moment or two to realize something was living deep inside the ancient stellar fragment floating there in space.  He dashed away, firing… Read more

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